You Don’t Have to be Funny to Create Humour!!!

Many of us speakers and presenters know the value of humour in a speech or presentation. Yet, we are quick to give excuses as to why our speeches and presentations are dull, dry and lifeless. I used to be a dull speaker until I incorporated humour into my presentations.

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Here are the top three reasons I have heard given by speakers, presenters  and workshop hosts as to why their presentation was dull.

  1. I am not a funny person.
  2. This is not a humorous speech contest
  3. I don’t know how to create and use humour

Perhaps it is for these reasons that you should attend our Make Your Audience Laugh Webinar.

Why should humour be part of every Speaker’s and Presenter’s toolkit?

You may know this already, Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership skills development.

If Toastmasters International considers humour so important that it holds a Humorous Speech Contest in over 100 countries worldwide, then maybe you too should consider humour an important part of your speaking toolkit.

Add laughter to your Speech and Presentations

Let me give you three reasons why your speech or presentation should include plenty of opportunity for laughs?

#1. Humour is a powerful tool. It helps you connect with your audience and get them to like you. If your listeners like you, then chances are they will be more open to your point of view and more willing to buy what you are selling, even if they are intangibles such as ideas and proposals.

#2. Don’t just stand up to speak. Stand out, make an impression and leave your listeners with a positive experience. Your audience will remember your stories, anecdotes and main points because of their emotional involvement with you as they laugh at your jokes.

#3. Your audience have not just come to be informed or educated, they can buy your recordings or your book. They have come for the unique experience of a live event and laughter is an important part of this repertoire.

So quit making excuses and stop giving reasons for your boring presentations. Learn how to create humour and then use what you have learnt to ‘Make your Audience Laugh – Win Hearts Win Minds and Win Contests’

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