Taking Control of Money


Quick summary

Have you ever wished you had better control of your finances? Do you find yourself living paycheque to paycheque even though, mathematically you should have enough to cover all your essentials? If so you are not alone. In this presentation, you will receive the tools and the experience you need to start spending less than you earn.


In Taking Control of Money, you learn step by step how to establish financial freedom and how to ultimately create wealth. Being financially prosperous is not about earning more money; it’s about spending less than you earn. This workshop will start you off on the road.


1. Know The True Value Of Money. There are things money can and cannot do for you.  For example, while money can certainly pay your bills and cover your cost of living, it can’t buy actual happiness, safety or peace of mind.


2. Take Charge of Your Financial Freedom. Financial freedom cannot be achieved if you don’t know what your financial goals are. You want to make sure you have both long and short term goals that are achievable and to create a solid plan to make it happen.


3. Tools for Financial success. Tools help you achieve your goals. They increase your chances of success and make your journey more enjoyable and stress free. Your budget is your friend. Create one and use it. Money in less money out equals money in the bank.


4. Developing Financial Disciplines. While budgets and plans are good, you need to develop the habits and discipline to help you implement tour plan. Your financial mindset is a key to your financial success. Delayed gratification and a heart of gratitude are also important.


5. Creating Wealth. Wealth creation actually starts when your spending is under control and you have a surplus that you can invest. We examine the path to wealth creation and help you develop your own wealth creation checklist. Where do you invest your money?


Taking control of your finances can seem complicated, but with a step by step guide, it can be easier than you’ve ever imagined.

Target Audience

  • Are you burdened by loans and credit card debts?
  • Are you living with just enough money to last to the next payday?
  • Do you wish you had plans for your financial future?
  • Would you like to be in control of your finances?

Do you have an audience whose members will benefit from answers to any of the questions above? We can bring this workshop you your organisation, company or church and tailor the final presentation to meet your specific need.

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