Success Is A Journey And You Will Get There If You Remain On the Road

Another year is coming to an end and as most people do, I tend to reflect on the past twelve months and prepare myself for the next twelve. So how has the year been for you?

 For me it’s been a good year and I have to thank God for that. Not that I achieved everything I set out to do but I am pleased with the milestones reached and I look forward to next year with faith and hope.

One word that stands out for me at this point is perseverance.


I like to describe this as the ability to stay on course despite all obstacles. And I think I am going to need to develop this as I go forward into next year.

To truly persevere, you have to have the ability to move on from a place of disappointing results or failure and keep your energy, passion and motivation high.

Don’t camp at the halfway house

Come along with me to that cold spring morning in April (not this year) as I reached out and snuffed the life out of the alarm clock. I grabbed the fastener from the inside and one leg after the other, I set myself free from the confines of my dark blue sleeping bag.

This was it. There was no turning back. I stepped out of the log cabin into the approaching dawn; and felt a mixture of anxiety, anticipation and a weak bladder at the thought of the task ahead.

“What are you doing here?” I asked myself as we made our way to the foot of the mountain.

The wind and the rain made the climb up very difficult and a lot slower than planned and it took us almost three hours to reach the Halfway House, the only cafe on the way up.

This was the same spot where I turned back the last time and gave up on my dream of climbing this mountain.

A sense of achievement came over me as I sat down to rest; but then there was a voice that reminded me that I had not reached my goal.

That afternoon at the Halfway House, I made a crucial decision to step beyond my self-imposed limitation and aim for the top of Mount Snowdon.

What goals did you set yourself this year and how well have you done?

I tend to ask myself this question from time to time and I come to the same conclusion every time. It doesn’t matter how well or how badly I performed against my set goals, what is important for me is am I going to stop halfway or am I going to continue.

So let me share with you three things I have learnt about not camping at the halfway house.

#1. Keep the momentum going

Easier said than done when you are tired exhausted or simply discouraged about the results. But if you take a moment to think of why you embarked on the journey in the first place, it’s possible to find the strength to continue. Why did you start the blog? Why did you decide to start the company? Why did you decide to climb this mountain?

#2. You don’t have to do it alone

I had my friend Paul with me that day as we struggled up Mount Snowdon and I have to say that I would not have made it to the top without him.

Who is along side you as make your way through the challenges of life?

For me, having a coach, a mentor or being part of a mastermind group has become an important part of my growth, personal development and success.

#3. Commit to implementing your plan

Think of your goal as a destination and your plan of action as a road-map for arriving at your destination.

My friend Abraham is always talking about road-maps. When unsure of when you will achieve your dreams or goals, simply take a look at the map to re-assess where you are on the journey.

So don’t camp at the halfway house because, success is a journey and you will only get there if you remain on the road.