Increasing Your Personal Productivity


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Everyone possesses the ability to lead. Some will discover this naturally, and others will have to acquire the required skills as they travel along life’s road. You have more at stake in your success than anyone else on the face of the planet. It is thus your responsibility to get the most out of your time, energy and other productive efforts. In this presentation I will give you the confidence and the steps you can take to increase your personal productivity.


In this presentation, you will be taken along a journey that will lead you to a more productive and successful person you

1. Become an Ideas to Action Person.  Everything starts with an idea and you have the capacity to generate lots of ideas. Yet many people fail to act on their ideas, and the world ends up missing out on the potential that was never realised. You can be different by becoming an ideas to action person.

2.Unlock Your Potential. To believe in yourself is to have confidence in your skills and ability. Don’t compare yourself with all the experts in your field. With time, diligence and hard work, your own expertise will grow.


3. Integrate Time Saving Skills into Your Personal Life. There are days when you probably wish there was more time to do everything that needed to be done. Nobody likes the feeling of having to run after the clock each day; that’s just too tiring. Time saving skills will increase your personal productivity.

4. Use feedback as a tool for Improvement. One valuable tool to aid your leadership journey is your willingness to give and receive feedback. Feedback will help you steer your course, maintain focus and give you the good feeling that comes from knowing you are making progress in the direction of your goal

5. Have a Positive Attitude. With a positive attitude, you see things differently. Problems are no longer hinderances, but challenges to overcome. You become aware of new possibilities and you have great hope and optimism about the future. With a positive attitude, you are pleasant to be around.

By increasing your personal productivity, your personal satisfaction increases and you will be a happier and more productive person. If you set goals with monetary returns, you can be assured of an increase in income as you achieve and exceed your goals.

Target Audience

  • Are you self employed or a business owner overwhelmed with work?
  • Are you unable to find the time to update your skills or learn new ones?
  • Are you someone who needs to be more productive at work?
  • Would you like to see yourself achieving greater things than you ever imagined?

Do you have an audience whose members will benefit from answers to any of the questions above? We can bring this workshop you your organisation, company or church and tailor the final presentation to meet your specific need.

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