How to Choose an Accountability Partner

The second step in reconnecting with your dream

So now that you have paused and pulled back, what next? Now that you have created margin in your life, what do you do with the space? The margin you have created is not there to be filled with trivial things. Might I even tell you that you did not create margin only to fill it up with more work, except for a limited time.

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I have created a workbook to help you reassess the relevance of your goals. It includes questions that will prompt you to list your unfulfilled dreams, goals and projects. And if you are one of the exceptions and are fulfilled, then it prompts you to create a new set of goals.

On completion of the exercise in the workbook, you will have three things written down.
  1. One goal or task that if achieved would make a big difference in your life
  2. A list of three things you can do to create the free space or time you need to achieve your goal
  3. The one next step you are willing to commit to and by when

The next step

The next step in reconnecting with your dream is to align yourself with an accountability partner (Click hear to get the first step). Accountability partnering comes in many forms. Here are a few that you can explore.

  1. Enlist family and friends
  2. Join a mastermind group or create your own
  3. Find a mentor
  4. Hire a coach

To help you decide which one is good for you let me give you a brief run-through of the pros and cons of each one. You can also download your accountability infographic.

#1. Enlist family and friends

This is the cheapest form of accountability partnering. It’s good if you are on a low budget as most family members will give you their time for free. The downside is that they may not be as committed to your success as you are. They may not have the necessary qualifications and experience to bring the best out of you and stretch you beyond what you are comfortable with.

#2.  Join or start a mastermind group

A mastermind group is a group of individuals coming together on a voluntary basis to challenge, encourage and empower each other by listening and contributing ideas and feedback to each others businesses, goals or projects in whatever area of their life. They meet on a regular basis as agreed. They support each other with candid feedback delivered in an environment of mutual respect and trust. For more on mastermind groups, read the Napoleon Hill classic ’Think and Grow Rich”. Mastermind groups work well as you have the added benefit of having members contribute ideas and give you constructive feedback.

The downside is that it requires a large commitment of time and energy on your part. You must also have to be willing to make valuable contributions to other peoples work.
The mastermind group is the least beneficial as a tool for accountability.
#3. Find a mentor

A mentor is a person who has been down the path you are planning. A mentor has more knowledge and experience about what you want to achieve.

The mentor will have valuable expertise and experience to pass on to you. Finding someone to act as a mentor can be difficult at times as there is no payment for the work done and successful people have limited free time.

However many people offer group mentoring under the supervision of the mentor. In this format, most of the mentoring comes from the contribution of other group members rather than the expert who has formed the group.

You can search online to see what groups are out there that meet your need.

A coach is that person that uses the appropriate tools and techniques to bring about the achievement or attainment of the desired results or goals as initially set out by the person being coached. A coach need only be an expert in the use of the appropriate techniques. In the area of business, personal and career coaching, the main technique used is questioning.

A coach is the best accountability partner you can have. There are however fees attached and you will have to do some research or get some recommendations.
The main advantage of a coach is that full attention is on you and your goal or goals. Other forms of support including the recommendation of additional resources to help you are also available from your coach.
What should you do next

The best way forward is to find a friend or family member to hold you accountable for what you have said you would do.

The next alternative if you have goals that have revenue generating capacity or will bring benefits that are of great value to you is to engage the services of a coach. This will cost you money. Many coaches offer free taster sessions and you can decide from the outcome if you would like to continue the coaching relationship.

I offer an ‘Ideas To Action’ coaching. Visit my coaching page for more information.

Now you have taken the second step. You have an accountability partner. You are ready for the third step in reconnecting with your dream. I will talk about this next week so stay tuned.

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Question: What type of accountability partnering will you get? Why not leave a comment below.