How To Use Stories To Create Unforgettable Speeches, Presentations & Sermons !!!

Storytelling Masterclass

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Andrew & Wole

What is it about stories that make us remember them and pass them on to others?

Your business meetings, speeches and sermons come alive and capture the imagination of your audience when you add stories into the mix.

Your team members and listeners learn more when you use stories to present and explain your points.

Stories help you connect, engage and entertain your listeners. They also make your message memorable.

In this webinar Wole and Andrew will share World Class Speaking Tools that will help you make your speeches, presentations and sermons unforgettable.

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Meet your hosts: Wole Ososami and Andrew Osayemi

Date: October 13, 2016
Time: 20:00-21:00 p.m UK
Event: WorldClass Storytelling Masterclass - Live Webinar
Topic: WorldClass Storytelling Masterclass for Speakers, Presenters and Preachers
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