3 Simple Story Ingredients To Make Your Speech More Effective

Character, Conflict & Cure

There is something about stories that grabs our attention and imagination. We want to know how it all began, what happened in between and most especially how it all ended. While you have our attention, you might as well make the most of it by sharing a few lessons or a take-home message that will be of benefit and possibly if acted upon improve our lives.

3 Simple Ingredients To Make Your Speech More Effective

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For today’s purpose I am going to use the dictionary.com definition of story which is “a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader”.

5 Places where stories are told

Make The Most of The Changing Landscape

Don't Just Survive, Thrive.

As I drove to work that fateful Friday morning, I could not help but have the feeling that we had just experienced a major change in the political and economic landscape of Europe.

I did have my specific views on whether England should remain in the European Union or not but I have to confess that I kept it to myself. I had a kind of what will be will be attitude and I kept my opinion to myself. Now that the election is over I am finding myself joining in conversations that will make no difference.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves – Victor Franki

So what is changing and how do I position myself to make the most of the changing landscape.

You Don’t Have to be Funny to Create Humour!!!

Many of us speakers and presenters know the value of humour in a speech or presentation. Yet, we are quick to give excuses as to why our speeches and presentations are dull, dry and lifeless. I used to be a dull speaker until I incorporated humour into my presentations.

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5 Things That Can Stop You Achieving Your Goals

We all try to recognise the importance of setting goals throughout our lives to get things done; but among those of us who actually set goals, only a minority are actually able to achieve them. 

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This is strange, considering the fact that many people actually set up small and achievable personal goals.

While working on goals is a conscious decision, you may not realise the things you are doing unconsciously that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

What’s keeping you from achieving your goals?

How To Speak Like A Pro – My Top 10 Public Speaking Tips

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So let me share with you my top 10 public speaking skills that can help you speak or present like a pro.

How To Speak Like A Pro – My Top 10 Public Speaking Tips – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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#1. Fear of Public Speaking

The Next Step Is All You Need To Know To Start

There are times in your journey when you know for sure where you are heading, but sometimes, you have to set off on a hunch without much clarity as to the destination.

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We left the running of the world’s financial markets to people we thought knew what they were doing. Now we know better. A lot of these guys were fumbling their way around, not having a clue of what was happening and hoping it all ends up well. It didn’t.

Step out in faith

There is a story about a man who left the comfort of his parent’s house and set off on a journey to a far country. Today over 4000 years after he took the first step, the journey of Abraham continues in the nation birthed from his trusting his instincts.

What is keeping you in the same place?

You must have heard it somewhere that you need a vision to start a business, you need to start with an end in mind or some picture of what the end looks like. That is very true. But at the same time the search for a vision could well be a part of the journey. All you need to know to begin your journey is the next step.

Here are three lessons from my journey so far:

1. Trust your instincts

You have to begin to train yourself to trust your gut feelings. This is that part of you that you cannot control and you sometimes do not understand. You can silence it or you can let it loose.

2. Take one step at a time

As the saying goes, “no one tests the depth of the water with both feet“. Keep your day job and test your business idea with some real products and customers. Don’t bet your house on your fantastic business idea. It just might not be what the customers want.

3. Be flexible and be prepared to change direction at any time.

Someone once said, “it is much easier to steer a moving vehicle than a stationary one”. I sometimes get told that I am too flexible and unstable. The reason is that I had no clarity as to how it will turn out when I started and so what looks like a change of mind is actually a reassessment of the goals in light of greater visibility and insight that comes with movement.

Be courageous and start

Remember that courage is not an absence of fear. So feel the fear and do it anyway.

The world needs leaders who are courageous enough to go forward despite not knowing what the future holds and are humble enough to admit it and change course when they are wrong. Don’t wait for all the lights to turn green, move on at the first green light.

Question:  Have you ever embarked on a journey without an end in sight?

5 Reasons Why You Need To Rediscover The Creative You

The process of creation starts with a thought – an idea, conception, visualisation. Everything you see was once someone’s idea. Nothing exists in your world that did not first start as pure thought ~ Neal Donald Walsch, American author of the series “Conversation with God”

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I have always been fascinated by the phrase ‘creating something from nothing’. This may mean nothing to you but it does resonate with me.

I look at the world around me. All I see are the things that were not around a few years ago suddenly being the things that everyone is using or talking about. You know some of these things:

  1. The selfie stick
  2. The electric car
  3. The smart watch
  4. The hover-board
  5. The driverless car

Yet it’s easy to look at these gadgets and think of yourself as a non-creative person simply because you have not invented a world-changing device.


Success Awaits Those Who Dare – How High Will You Fly?

You should have been with me that Sunday afternoon. Standing with my head down and my eyes wide-open waiting for the procession to pass. The trumpeter was blowing “The Trumpet Shall Sound” from Handel’s Messiah. And all that was going on in my mind was “when is this ordeal going to pass, I am hungry”.

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After what seems like eternity, I looked up, and the impressive domed ceiling caught my attention. I could not take my eyes off this magnificent dome as the music faded in the background.

From the outside, the Methodist Central Hall is not too different from all the other surrounding buildings. Yet on the inside, the vast scale of this self-supporting structure, the level of detail and the gold-stained finish led me to three conclusions:

  1. This building took some courage to build
  2. This building cost a lot of money
  3. This building must have survived a lot of opposition

Success demands courage