5 Good Reasons Why You Should Have A Personal Website

Do you have a personal website? If you are like most people, the answer to that question is no. You are more likely to have a profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ than a personal website.

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As great as your social media presence is, what will set you apart from the competition and make you stand out of the crowd is your personal website.

If you have answered yes to my earlier question about having a personal website, then well done. However, if your answer is no, then let me give you five reasons why you should have a personal website.

#1. Your website is your online property

Your website is your home-base. It is the place where you send all your enquirers . It is the one place online that you own and have control. When people search for your name online, your personal website should come up tops in the search. So whether you are a freelancer or you run your own business, your personal website gives you an opportunity to control what people know about you.

#2. Your website gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills.

Whether you are a teacher, a freelance musician or a virtual assistant, your website is where you tell the world about yourself and how your skills can add great value to the lives of your clients. Don’t just tell us what you do, show us what you do with pictures, video and written client testimonials.

#3. Your website can reach a far wider audience than your social media presence.

As at October 2015, LinkedIn has over three hundred and eighty million members in well over 200 countries. All these people and many more will have access to your website should they choose to. It is well known that recruiters receive hundreds of applications for jobs. Having a personal website listed on your resume will give you the opportunity to say more about yourself and what you do to potential recruiters.

#4. Your website gives you a chance to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

One way to establish your authority is through your published works. Your website is the perfect platform for publishing. That’s where you publish your technical papers, blog articles and ebooks. It’s where you experiment with your new ideas, put your original thoughts to test in a real world and show your creativity to a real audience. If you are a writer, your website is your online archive and repository of your writings.

#5. Your website makes it easy for interested parties to get in touch with you

What you can be sure of is that anyone who gets in touch with you after viewing your website has some measure of interest in what you have to offer. So make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Include a contact form or an email address on your website.

What next? So get started. Download this checklist and get your personal website up and running today.


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